Why are influencers important to our learning today? In previous eras, those who controlled the distribution of media were seen as influential sources of information. With the decentralisation of media, individuals and groups of individuals can impact decision making. For those looking for guidance in financial matters, being aware of how to critically evaluate the information and the source, is important. This section offers insight into people that are followed by members of this DAO. Whilst the list is inclusive and DAO sourced, it does not mean that one influencer is better resourced or more accurate than others. Rather this playlist is one that demonstrates the sentiment of DAO members regarding who resonates best with their values, ideas, and experiences.
Paul Barron Network Strengths? Limitations?
Raoul Paul Strengths? Limitations?
Don Tapscott Four principles for the open world 2012 How the blockchain is changing money and business | Don Tapscott 2016
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